Action-Adventure  Series

African-American Mythology comic that begins in the wake of a terrible tragedy: three teenaged cousins

must suddenly take over their very special family


Saving the World!

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Who are The MAJESTICS?


Jet setting from their ancestral American home to international hot spots, subduing forces of awesome power as part of the Green Revolution on Earth. Their adventures are cosmically linked to an intergalactic, supernatural struggle that also takes THE MAJESTICS on fantastic journeys beyond Time and into outer space.

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RAVENWOOD is where the heart is…

A beautiful and sprawling indigo and rice plantation with secret mysteries and powers of its very own. Ravenwood is truly another member of the family. Decimated in a suspicious explosion they rebuild the grand old home and carry on. As THE MAJESTICS go about their daily lives at Ravenwood, each episode is an opportunity to explore this very special family home where ancient mysteries and futuristic technology are behind every door.

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